Calendars and Timelines

August 13 Curriculog Launch
August 24 Senate Executive Committee Meeting
September  9 Senate Meeting
September 16 Graduate Council Meeting
September  21 Senate Executive Committee Meeting
October 5 Senate Meeting
October 7 Graduate Council Meeting
October 9 Senate Executive Committee meeting
October 19 Senate Executive Committee Meeting
November  1 Special Topics are due for Fall 2022
November  2 Senate Meeting
November  4 Graduate Council meeting
November  7 22/23 Submission cycle closes in Curriculog
November  16 Senate Executive Committee Meeting
December  7 Senate Meeting
December  9 Graduate Council Meeting
December  16 Last day for all proposal approvals (special topics included) for submission into 22/23 catalog

Every Friday from 10:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m. unless there is a schedule training as noted below.

September 3

Curriculum Services Curriculog training

September 10

Curriculum Services Curriculog training 

The Special Topics form will always be open for submission. However, only those proposals submitted in time for inclusion in the Class Schedule will be approved. Submission periods are early November for inclusion in the following academic year's Fall Class Schedule, and early April for inclusion in the following academic year's Spring / Summer Class Schedule. Approvals for Fall submissions will be announced in early December. Approvals for Spring / Summer submissions will be announced in early May.